At Laseda we have our own work method based on two pillars: control and transparency

  • Control

    Because we wished to remove much of the uncertainty associated with our sector – Am I buying from the correct supplier? Will the final product be the same as the sample? Will they finish production on time? … This is why, with us, you’re always in control of what is going on and you have the peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

  • Transparency

    Because we want you to know all the costs, how much commission you pay or who your suppliers are. All crystal clear and with a proper breakdown before you sign a thing. No more surprises.

We simply like things well done, the same way we’d want to receive them, the same way we think they should be. Even if this means going against the norm.

  • Factory auditing

    When working with a supplier there are always doubts about its reliability, and if it is thousands of kilometers away, even worse. At Laseda we have specialized local personnel who will confirm, in situ, the credibility and veracity of the different manufacturers you are considering.

  • Trade missions

    There is nothing like traveling to the country of origin if you are looking to fully immerse yourself in the process. To do this, just prepare your passport, and we will take care of the rest (purchase of tickets and transport, hotel reservations, appointments, factory visits ...).

  • Outsourcing management

    From the development of the product to the loading of the merchandise in the containers, going through the bureaucratic procedures, we manage the entire purchasing process abroad so that you, from your office, can take care of what really matters.

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